Portfolio of the Archives of Contemporary Arts

Collection of Literary Estates

The Archives of Contemporary Arts is home to the bequests of Friedrich Cerha and Kurt Schwertsik (music), Peter Turrini and Julian Schutting (literature), Peter Patzak (film), parts of the pre-mortem bequest of Wolf D. Prix (architecture) as well as a bequest of the publisher Alfred Schlee.
The collections vary in terms of composition of materials depending on their origin. Primarily, these consist of manuscripts of works, musical scores, drawings, sketches, screenplays, films, correspondence, biographical documents and documents of reception such as newspaper clippings, photographs, programme materials, publications and audio and video recordings.

A majority of the collection materials (including AV media) were already digitised and can be provided by electronic means.

Catalogue search

Parts of the archives collection are already registered in the Austrian Union Catalogue of Bequests, Autographs and Manuscripts (ÖVK-NAH). For queries on subjects that have not yet been made available, you are welcome to contact us.