Information on accessibility

The Archives of Contemporary Arts are accessible barrier-free. Because an appointment is needed for access to the archives, we ask you to contact us prior to visiting. If you need assistance with your travels to the archives, let us know, we will gladly assist you.

The Archives of the Contemporary Arts, Beatrix Vigne Tel. 02732-893 2573

Coming from B3, you pass the two roundabouts near the ship station “Stein” (Franz-Zeller-Platz) in the direction of “campus krems” (indicated by green signs). Pass Kunsthalle Krems and the Stein prison towards the North and then pass the railway crossing. The entrance to the parking garage is located on the left, directly opposite the main entrance of Campus Krems.


Barrier-free parking is available on the Level 1 of the parking garage “campus west”, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 23, 3500 Krems

Direct access to the campus

If necessary, it is possible to enter the campus premises by car, driving directly to the Archives of Contemporary Arts. It is generally not permitted to drive a car on campus, so we therefore ask you to arrange for access road authorisation by phone prior to your visit.

At the main entrance to Campus Krems in Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, you can drive until you reach the bollards. In order to have the bollards open, please push the talk button and let the security personnel know that you are an announced visitor to the Archives of Contemporary Arts. Then, proceed to the Campus Promenade at walking speed until you reach the Kesselhaus Cinema. You may park your car at the west front of the cinema (below or to the right of the chimney).

When leaving campus, slowly drive towards the bollards. They will automatically open due to motion sensors.
If any problems arise, you can reach the Campus Krems security service at any time by dialing 0043/676/7831786

Access to the Archives

The distance from the “campus west” parking garage to the Archives of Contemporary Arts is around 100 m. From the parking garage, you cross the pedestrian crossing over a street which has traffic from both sides, then you turn left onto the pavement which goes slightly uphill for about 20 m and leads to the main entrance of Campus Krems. Here, you turn right onto the Campus Promenade and go straight ahead for approximately 80 m, past the buildings of the Danube University Krems, directly approaching the chimney of the Kesselhaus Cinema. A tactile guidance system directs you to the main portal of the cinema, which is located on the left side of the chimney. This is were the entrance into the foyer is located through which you can access the cinema, the Filmbar as well as the barrier-free WC. Stairs lead down to the Archives of Contemporary Arts.

Tactile Guidance System

A tactile guidance system directs you from the bus station Campus Krems (Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30) to the main portal of the Kesselhaus Cinema. Once you have entered through the main door into the foyer, please turn left. You will find the stairs leading into the lower level, where the Archives of Contemporary Arts are located.

Barrier-free access to the archives

Because the entrance through the Kesselhaus Cinema foyer does not offer barrier-free access down the staircase to the lower level, barrier-free access to the Archives of Contemporary Arts located underground is available via building F of the Danube University Krems.

Building F is located on the left, next to the Kesselhaus Cinema, opposite the Alauntalstraße. Use the lift to get to the first lower level.

Assistant dog

Assistant dogs such as guide dogs are permitted in the lecture room of the archives.

Barrier-free WC

The Archives of Contemporary Arts have a barrier-free WC which is located in the 2nd floor of the Building F and can be accessed using the lift. There is also a barrier-free WC in the foyer of the Kesselhaus Cinema.


A map pointing out all barrier-free facilities on Campus Krems will soon be available here.