Literaturarchiv Niederösterreich

Institutional Portfolio

Literaturkreis Podium

The archive of the Literaturkreis Podium (Literature Circle Podium) includes materials on the activities of the association as well as on the literary magazine of the same name, which has been published since 1971. The association was founded on December 20, 1970 in Neulengbach Castle by Ilse Tielsch, Wilhelm Szabo, Alois Vogel and Alfred Gesswein, among others. The foundation was intended as a counterweight to the activities of the ARGE Literatur within the framework of the Lower Austrian “Bildungs- und Heimatwerk” and quickly developed a series of activities such as the "Day of Poetry", readings at schools and public places as well as larger symposia. The association is still active today and has maintained its geographical focus on eastern Austria.

Freibord / Gerhard Jaschke Collection

Gerhard Jaschke (* 1949 Vienna)

In 2018, the author, visual artist, and editor Gerhard Jaschke also handed over the extensive archive of the magazine Freibord along with his own artistic estate. This was founded in 1976 by Jaschke together with Hermann Schürrer and Ingrid Wald, among others, and was published by him single-handedly from 1983 at the latest. From the beginning, Freibord saw itself as an interface between different currents of artistic avant-garde with a close relationship to actionist art and Fluxus. This led to early international contacts with galleries, collectors, and artists, which gave Freibord a special position in the concert of literary magazines. Jaschke continued to publish the magazine intensively until 2009; since then, issues have appeared at irregular intervals under the titles feribord and firebord.

Archive of Herbert Zeman

Herbert Zeman (* 1940 Pernitz)

In 2019, the scientific archive of the Germanist Herbert Zeman was acquired. The collection documents one of his most important research foci: the subject history of German studies since the 19th century. The heart of the collection is the correspondence between the Prague Germanist August Sauer (1855-1926) and his Berlin teacher and colleague Wilhelm Scherer (1841-1886), who exerted a great influence on subsequent generations of Germanists, particularly through his study of the life and work of Christoph Martin Wieland. Sauer himself did comparable work on Adalbert Stifter and Franz Grillparzer.

Herbert Zeman (* 1940) taught and researched as a full professor of German philology at the University of Vienna (1975-2008). He received numerous awards and prizes for his work.